Features of RouchOS

RouchOS is based on Ubuntu(LTS) Unity DE. It's main goal is to be Beautiful, Useful and Easy for every user. It contains multimedia codecs and some proprietary apps like Chrome, Skype and etc. There are many configured settings, installed and removed apps, below is 

a small list of main changes.

Unique App Indicators


Application, that allows users to quickly and easily change the design and functionality of RouchOS. It contains several functions:

  • Icons - Switch between: Paper, Flat Green, Flat Orange.
  • Themes - Switch between: Arc, Arc Dark, Arc Darker, Adapta.
  • Launcher - Choose launcher position: Left or Bottom
  • Hot Corner - Set corner for "Show All Windows" function, default is Top Right corner, You can set to None as well.
  • Desktop Mode - Contains three options: RouchOS, UbuWinMac, Low Graphics.
    RouchOS - Menus are on window's titlebars, Launcher is left.
    UbuWinMac - Menus are on top panel(like unity default), Launcher is bottom(like Windows), Minimize/Unminimize Animations like Mac.
    Low Graphics - Enable it for better performance.

Clear Desktop

Application which helps your desktop to be clear and beautiful as first time. It moves everything from your desktop to 

the special directory located in "Home", so you will not lose any files and you can easily open it with the same indicator.

Modified Settings

All repositories are enabled.

Enabled window snapping in all corners.

Collecting and sending anonymous data to Canonical is disabled.

Switch input sources  with "super+space" or "alt+shift"

Window shortcuts:
  • Maximize - "Super+Up"
  • Unmaximize/Minimize - "Super+Down"
  • Left Maximize -"Super+Left"
  • Right Maximize - "Super+Right"
No matter if you have "Fn keys" or not! You can easily control media and volume with this shortcuts:
  • Volume Down - "ctrl+Down"
  • Volume Up - "ctrl+Up"
  • Play/Pause - "ctrl+grave"
  • Next Track - "ctrl+Right"
  • Previous Track - "ctrl+Left"
  • Launch Media Player - "ctrl+1"


Removed Apps:

  • Amazon
  • Unity's Web Browser
  • Firefox
  • Startup Disk Creator
  • Aisleriot
  • Mahjongg

Installed Apps:

  • Chrome - Web Browser
  • Notes - Mac like note taking app
  • Peek - GIF recorder
  • Skype - IM client
  • Teamviewer - Software for remote control
  • Virtualbox - App for creating, managing and running virtual machines
  • XnRetro - Different effects for pictures
  • Assaultcube - First person shooter game
  • Brasero - Disk burner
  • Dconf-editor - Configuration tool for gsettings
  • Diffuse - Compare different text files and find changes
  • Gdebi - Installer for debian packages
  • Gimp - Image editor
  • Glade - User interface designer for GTK+
  • Kazam - Video recorder and screenshot taker
  • Nautilus-admin - Allows to open folders or edit text files as administrator
  • Pitivi - Video editor
  • Samba - Network share client
  • Synaptic - GUI package manager tool

Mint Apps:

  • Mintstick - USB Formatter & USB Image Writer
  • Mintnanny - Domain Blocker